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The Power of a Testimonial Video

72% of Consumers Say that Positive Testimonials and Reviews Increase their Trust in a Business.

Despite more and more people looking online to find the vendors and services they need, word of mouth is still consistently ranked the #1 most effective way to generate new clients. So how can you use word of mouth to reach people that may not know any of your previous customers?

There are two main answers: Google Reviews and Testimonials.

We've talked extensively about how to get and utilize online reviews in some of our previous blog posts if you want to go check those out. But testimonials are just as powerful, and can be used in a variety of ways. Written testimonial comments can be used on your website to beef up the legitimacy of your products or services. They can also be turned into social media graphics to share with your followers and build brand loyalty. But the MOST powerful form of testimonial is one told on video.

The average American adult spends over 100 minutes per day consuming video content online.

And globally, adults spend an average of 2 hours 27 minutes browsing online content of all types. So why not have your video be part of the content available online to be served up to these viewers? A powerful testimonial video can be used on your website, on your YouTube channel, on your social profiles, on Facebook Watch, and as a video ad targeted to your ideal customers.

Testimonial videos can be short but powerful little blurbs, or they can be more in-depth third party stories about that customer's experience with you. To demonstrate the effectiveness of a testimonial video, our friends at Vap Construction generously offered to provide a testimonial for us here at Marketing Maven. When you're ready to create something equally powerful to leverage someone else's words about your company, Marketing Maven will be here to help.


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