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FREE Guide to Taking a Decent Headshot with a Smartphone

While there is definitely a time and place for a professional headshot with a real photographer, there are also occasions when you need a decent photo more quickly to get you by. Hire a professional if you're planning to use the photo long-term. But if you just need a quick high-resolution photo to use in a social media post or for a press release, it's possible to capture a decent photo using your smartphone if you know how to set it up.

Free Guide to Taking a Professional Headshot from a Smartphone Photography Tip from Marketing Maven Kansas

We've put together this FREE guide to share the best practices that will help you "hack" your phone to capture a decent headshot (or other posed photo).

Or, when you do need a professional photographer for team headshots, facility photos, product photos, or action shots to use on your website and social media, you can learn more about our photography services here.


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