noun | ma*ven

A person who knows a lot about a particular subject. An expert.

Hiring Marketing Maven Consulting is just like having a marketing employee on staff. Except that's just it - you don't have to pay a full time salary, and we don't need benefits or sick leave. We're always here working efficiently to meet your company's marketing needs in half the time it would take a less-experienced and less-savvy employee. Whether you need help on a monthly retainer or just tackling a special project, invest in the Maven advantage!

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Creative Catalyst - Rachel Mawhirter

The original Marketing Maven, Rachel is the go-to person for new clients who need a creative sounding board and a kick in the right direction. In an ever-adapting digital marketplace, she has a knack for helping small businesses get in front of their target audience, especially when it's online or on social media. With a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership and a decade of experience in marketing and events, Rachel can help you develop a strategic plan to accomplish your goals and earn market share in your industry.

Account Management | Strategy | Design | Social Media | Writing

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Design & Digital Media Specialist - Matt Phillips

Matt is a self-taught creative with passions for music, graphic arts, and video production. A full-time college student, he is currently studying music at Spurgeon College with the goal of pursuing full-time church worship ministry. Matt joined the Marketing Maven team in 2017 as a high school intern and has continued to grow and develop his skills ever since. He is driven by his desire to serve Christ in everything he does, believing that striving for excellence in all areas of life is key in living out the Christian mission. 

Video Production | Websites | Design | Social Media | Writing

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Design & Digital Media Specialist - Kaycee Vosberg

Kaycee hails from Hoxie Kansas, where she grew up on a farm, learning all about hard work and leadership. She went to school at Kansas State University, getting a degree in Art Education. Later, she moved to beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado and received another degree in Multimedia Graphic Design. Kaycee has over 4 years of experience in the world of graphic design and is a rockstar at custom illustrations. When she's not sketching or working at her desk, you can catch her at the gym, going on adventures with her husband, or hanging out with her cat Charlie and watching scary movies.

Print Design | Websites | Graphic Design | Social Media | Writing

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