noun | ma*ven

A person who knows a lot about a particular subject. An expert.

Hiring Marketing Maven Consulting is just like having a marketing employee on staff. Except that's just it - you don't have to pay a full time salary, and we don't need benefits or sick leave. We're always here working efficiently to meet your company's marketing needs in half the time it would take a less-experienced and less-savvy employee. Whether you need help on a monthly retainer or just tackling a special project, invest in the Maven advantage!

Creative Catalyst - Rachel Mawhirter

The original Marketing Maven, Rachel is the go-to person for new clients who need a creative sounding board and a kick in the right direction. In an ever-adapting digital marketplace, she has a knack for helping small businesses get in front of their target audience, especially when it's online or on social media. With a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership and a decade of experience in marketing and events, Rachel can help you develop a strategic plan to accomplish your goals and earn market share in your industry.

Maestro of Media - Josh Blankenship

Josh is a driven and results oriented marketing professional. With an impressive background in the military and intelligence field, he is a self-taught designer and video production guru with an eye for the latest trends. He is a firm believer that motivation and dedication get you a lot further than education, and uses his drive to succeed on every project he completes. As a problem solver, a creative thinker, and a hard working asset to our team, Josh is the leader in all things video, blogging, and social media marketing.

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