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Get to Know the Marketing Maven Team

This fall, we celebrated 7 years in business. Our team, our client base, and our services have continually grown and improved over the years. Since we're interacting with so many new people from across the state of Kansas (and beyond), we thought it was time to re-introduce ourselves for the newbies who may just be getting acclimated to who Marketing Maven is... so WELCOME! Skim the paragraphs below to learn about our business growth and how we can help you and your brand.

Why and How We Got Started

Marketing Maven Consulting Rachel Mawhirter and Matt Phillips Kansas

After growing up in the Midwest and working on our family farm, I pursued a degree in Organizational Leadership while playing college tennis and working full time for the Chamber of Commerce in my hometown of Great Bend, Kansas. I found a passion for helping businesses tell their stories and stay in front of potential customers while working at the Chamber, and that ultimately led to starting my own brand management and design firm in 2016.

Where Our Name Came From

When I worked for the Great Bend Chamber of Commerce, we had a few nonprofit tenants that rented space in our building. One of those tenants would often come ask me questions about marketing ideas. After we would chat, she'd always tell me, "You're such a marketing maven!" After a couple of times, I googled what a maven was.

According to the Webster Dictionary:

: one who is experienced or knowledgeable : EXPERT

I originally started my business as a side hustle, just doing occasional projects for business owners I knew. I needed something to put on my invoices, and the name had stuck with me. That was the birth of Marketing Maven Consulting!

What We Do for Our Clients

Video Production from Marketing Maven Consulting Kansas

Marketing Maven today primarily serves as an outsourced marketing department for growing companies across the Midwest. But we also offer lots of other special projects such as:

Our business continues to grow because of our unique approach to client relationships. We adamantly resist the "big agency" model with unnecessary overhead and corporate jargon. We are everyday, down-to-earth folks with a passion for quality design and detailed execution. We leverage our Midwest roots and Kansas work ethic to fully integrate in our clients' organizations, get to know their teams, and really become part of their company. We want their employees to view us as colleagues and coworkers, not some big city firm that swoops in to have a lot of meetings and then leaves.

Our company culture is built around exceptional communication, humility, and a genuine interest in helping our clients win year after year. It's so rewarding to watch them crush their goals, grow their organizations, and impact their communities. Knowing that we play a part in that success and get to celebrate those victories alongside our clients is what gets us out of bed in the morning. This approach has earned the firm several awards:

  • Business of the Year Award in 2018

  • NextGen Leader of the Year Award in 2019

  • Best of Web Design Award in 2022

These accolades are barely worth mentioning, as they're such a small blip in the successes we reflect back on and remember with pride. Our biggest accomplishments have everything to do with our clients' organizations achieving and exceeding their goals! Learn more about our Brand Management services.

Meet the Marketing Maven Team Members

Word of mouth and referrals from happy clients have helped us grow from 2 employees in one location to a diverse team operating remotely from different locations across the state of Kansas.

Rachel Mawhirter Marketing Maven Consulting Kansas

Rachel Mawhirter, Founder & CEO

Based in Great Bend, Kansas

Maven Since October 2016

Core functions:

Operations, Team Leadership, Finance, Business Development, Account Management, Strategy, and Public Speaking

Matt Phillips Marketing Maven Consulting Kansas

Matt Phillips, Director of Video Production & Web Design

Based in Kansas City

Maven Since June 2020

Core functions:

Video Production, Website Design, and Graphic Design

Kaycee Vosberg Marketing Maven Consulting Kansas

Kaycee Vosberg, Director of Graphic Design & Digital Media

Based in Manhattan, Kansas

Maven Since April 2021

Core functions:

Graphic Design, Project Management

Ashlie Thomas Marketing Maven Consulting Kansas

Ashlie Thomas, Account Manager & Marketing Coordinator

Based in Great Bend, Kansas

Maven Since May 2023

Core functions:

Account Management, Writing, Social Media, and Website Maintenance

Melissa DeLeon Marketing Maven Consulting Kansas

Melissa DeLeon, Design & Digital Media Specialist

Based in Wichita, Kansas

Maven Since November 2023

Core functions:

Graphic Design, Project Management

Stephanie Todd, Communications & Projects Coordinator

Based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Maven Since February 2024

Core functions:

Writing, Social Media Strategy, Email Marketing, and Advertising

Work With Us

If you're ready to outsource your marketing to the professionals, or just need some help with a one-time project, we offer a free consultation! Email or hit us up through our website to get started. We look forward to working with you!


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