Here's what our colleagues and clients have to say about Marketing Maven. Don't take it from us.

Heidi Stoskopf, Owner of Cornerstone Automotive

Great Bend, Kansas

"Rachel and Josh helped us update the website for our business! The process was quick and was handled very efficiently! Thank you for all the hard work you put in! Greatly appreciated and the website looks great!"

Todd VanSkike, Owner of Golden Belt Bicycle Co.

Great Bend, Kansas

"Rachel is a marketing genius! She is so in-tune with what the consumer wants to see and how to make business owners more successful! Not only does she specialize in marketing, she is always looking for opportunities to help educate local businesses. Her Google Business class was cram packed with great tips and strategies for business owners to beef up their google account. Our eyes were opened to many tools we were not aware of on the Google Business platform. Thank you Rachel for taking the time to help us!"

Jack Love, Owner of Up N Rollin Skate Center

Great Bend, Kansas

Very pleased with the website they created for our business. Work done was simply great. Friendly people with a desire to get things done correctly. We have worked with many companies over the years but this kind of service is hard to find. If you want to grow your business contact them today.

Traci Couch, Owner of Viking Marketing

Athens, Tennessee

Rachel is great at what she does and is a pleasure to share this industry with! So nice to have someone who can come alongside you and encourage your business and share ideas! You can't go wrong with Marketing Maven!

Laura Patzner, Program Director at Safehope

Newton, Kansas

Rachel is a gifted professional putting her client's needs first. She listens and develops a diverse marketing plan that will achieve the desired results and more.

Kristy Rupe, Sales at Doonan Specialized Trailer

Great Bend, Kansas

Excellent service and quality of work! Our company lost our Marketing Manager and we were able to contract out pieces of marketing that we were in need of with Marketing Maven. Very flexible and adaptable to the needs of the customer and understanding that each client has different needs and require varying levels of support and services. Timely, professional, honest, and relevant!

Shelly Peacock, TCI Answering Service

Great Bend, Kansas

I've used Marketing Maven for several different projects now and I've been very happy with their work. I will be using them again.

Alan Burton, MPIRE Companies

Great Bend, Kansas

Rachel has extremely innovative ideas, is very responsive, and she understands the daily chaos that is small business. She constantly strives to provide outstanding customer service while not being afraid to state a clear marketing strategy. Unlike most marketing agencies, she provides true metrics and hard data. She isn't afraid to prove her results; if a marketing strategy doesn't work, she wants to know it as much as we do so we can change course. It takes an entrepreneur to understand one, and we have been very satisfied with our services to date. If your marketing seems to be in a slump, consult the Marketing Maven.

Barry Bowers, CPA at Spectrum CPA Partners

Great Bend, Kansas

I have worked with Rachel's business on several projects and am always more that impressed with her positive approach and creativity. She always has a fresh idea on how to tell a story for our business. She is my go to person for marketing solutions.

Nels Lindberg, DVM at Animal Medical Center

Great Bend, Kansas

Rachel is beyond fantastic, she is about getting it right for the customer, supplying excellence at all times. Her work ethic is very high, which is difficult to find. She has a very high appetite for a large workload, and gets it done. I have used probably 3 or 4 other graphics designers, and she has done the best work I've ever seen consistently. If you are looking for a hard worker, superior design work, organization, and unique and leading edge marketing skills, work, and knowledge, you need to give her business a try!