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Ways We Stay On Top of It

We all have unique habits and rhythms to our workdays. This week, we asked our team to answer some questions to show you the diverse habits of our team, and maybe inspire you with some new ways to tackle your work.

1.What do you do stay focused during the day?

Kaycee -- Listen to a podcast while working or make sure I go to the gym in the morning. I am a very task-oriented person, so knowing I have a list to finish before the day is over is also perfect for me.

Matt – I use a productivity app called Notion to track my weekly tasks and goals. It helps me stay focused and avoid getting overwhelmed by the number of projects on my plate.

Natalie – I use a combination of writing tasks down and using the task tool on my Google calendar. I also try to keep my phone tucked away and only check it periodically, instead of always having it out on my desk.

Rachel-- We use a project management app called and it keeps us focused on what the priorities are so details don't get lost. And as I look over my day's assignments, I try to break tasks down into time limits. So for example, at 1 p.m. I might tell myself that I have until 1:30 p.m. to finish a half hour task and then see if I can finish it faster. It creates a sense of urgency that I need as a recovering procrastinator. I also use focus modes on my iPhone to avoid unnecessary notifications during the day, as well as turning off email notification sounds on my computer so that I don't get distracted on bigger tasks.

2. Is there anything specific you need to function in the morning?

Kaycee – Coffee or a workout. Lately, if I don’t go to the gym in the morning, I go during a mid afternoon break. When I come back, I always feel refreshed.

Matt – Coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. I don't become a human being until I've had 1-2 cups in the morning.

Natalie – Time to wake up (I don't work well if I just roll out of bed and start the work day) & breakfast (which includes a big glass of water and coffee).

Rachel – I really love a good blended mocha coffee from a coffee shop, but I can't afford to have that every day and haven't figured out how to make a good one at home yet. I mostly just need quiet time while I get ready so I don't get wound up before the day even starts.

3. What's one thing you couldn't live without in your workspace?

Kaycee — A nice, hot, cup of mushroom coffee next to me.

Matt – I definitely couldn't live without my dual monitor setup. When I'm working on a big video project with a complex timeline and need to see my project window and source file, three screens is an absolute must. I also like my succulents. :)

Natalie – My Passion Planner.

Rachel -- I am pretty easy going. I could work about anywhere, but dual monitors are the best thing about my workspace. And having a small ring light hung behind my webcam so I don't look creepy or shadowy is also nice with all the virtual meetings we participate in.

4. What is your perfect workday schedule?

Kaycee – I like to work 7 am to 3 pm, so I have time after my workday for personal tasks.

Matt – If my newborn baby's schedule allows, I like to wake up early enough to get a shower and breakfast before starting the work day. I typically start at 8:00 and work until 5:00 with a lunch break around noon. I find that a lunch break helps me unplug and disconnect from the stress of the work day, so I try to take one every day if possible.

Natalie – I like starting work around 7:15a and then getting off work around 3:15p. It gives me time to get to the gym and work on personal things before evening activities start.

Rachel -- I am more of a night person, so if I were independent and didn't have kids and activities to worry about in the evenings, my perfect schedule would be 10-7 I think. But right now, it's more like 8:30-5:30 because of daycare schedules.

5. What type of project is your favorite to work on?

Kaycee -- My favorite project would be one I can go a little out of the box with. Where I can throw some of my personal style into the design.

Matt – My favorite type of project to work on is any interview-style video, especially a documentary format. I love video as a creative medium, and telling compelling stories through video gives me a big dopamine rush every time.

Natalie – I enjoy photography and marketing strategy meetings.

Rachel -- I really enjoy the consulting, strategy, and sales aspects of working with clients. Listening to their goals and problems, identifying solutions, pitching ideas, and then getting to put the wheels in motion at the beginning is probably my favorite part. But it's also very rewarding to manage a project to fruition and hear how much it's impacting the client's business or their team. Really, any part of the process where I get to help a client.


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