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Timelapse Videos

A timelapse video can be a great way to show off the progress of a project, the crowd at an event, the daily hustle and bustle of your business, or anything else that happens over a long period of time. Utilizing a mounted camera with solar-powered battery cells, we can capture eye-catching timelapse videos that will help you stand out!

Our Pricing

Timelapse videos are a great way to grab attention on social media and work great for construction projects, special events and festivals, mural artists, landscapers, retail stores, restaurants and bars, and more! Pricing varies based on location, number of days being recorded, and editing time required to produce the final video. Once produced, we'll provide the finished product in 2-3 weeks via cloud sharing link for viewing/downloading. Clients get an unlimited copyright release for web and social media usage.


Bid by the Project

Starting as Low as:

Like What You See?

The Marketing Maven team has years of experience creating high-quality, professional timelapse videos that add a major wow factor to your brand. We have a lot of fun producing these videos, and we've seen how they really blow people's minds. Reach out today to set up a free consult with our team!

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