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TV Commercials

Though most of our video work is produced for online or digital platforms, we can also produce high-quality television commercials as well. Ranging in scope from simple animated text videos to a large-scale shoot with interviews and b-roll, we can create 30 or 60-second commercials to use on broadcast television, YouTube pre-roll advertising, or OTT video ads for streaming services.

Our Pricing

The process of producing a television commercial differs from project to project. Depending on what category your commercial falls under, the scope, difficulty, and required time for the project can change. See below for more details of this package!

Package Includes:

  • Phone interview + organizing files provided + content writing as needed

  • For animated text videos, pacing, colors, content are all determined by the client

  • For commercials with on-screen talent, equipment delivery + setup, shot blocking and lighting, filming with up to 2 cameras, and shoot coordination.

  • Professional editing, with up to 2 rounds of revisions

  • Final produced video provided
    within a few weeks via cloud sharing link


Base Rate

Starting as Low as:

Our Work

Like What You See?

The Marketing Maven team has years of experience creating high-quality, professional commercials that add a major wow factor to your brand. Concise, engaging television content can be just the thing you need to really blow your customers' minds. Reach out today to set up a free consult with our team!

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