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Drone Videos

Drones are a powerful tool for telling stories from new angles and adding scale and perspective to video projects. We pride ourselves on our creative use of drones in our work, and we strongly believe that a beautiful drone video can transform your online brand dramatically. Check out some samples of these videos and our pricing below!

Our Pricing

These unique, 30-60 second videos provide new angles and a sweeping, contextual overview of your business, event, or community. These are ideal for social media content, advertisements, or website hero images, and are sure to grab viewers' attention.

Package Includes:

  • Equipment delivery, setup, & usage

  • Up to 25 minutes of flying time capturing high-quality aerial footage

  • Professional editing, with up to 2 rounds of revisions

  • Delivery of a final, 30-60 second video within a few weeks via cloud sharing


Starting as Low as:

Per Half Hour Session

NOTE: Travel time and mileage may be added based on location. Drone photography is subject to weather conditions, and we cannot fly at wind speeds greater than 20 mph. Drone cannot be flown within 5 miles of an airport. No hazardous flying conditions. Pilot must stay on the ground.

Like What You See?

Drone videos are some of our favorites to produce. There is no better way to add scale and depth to a story, and coupled with professional editing and graphics, a drone video about your company is sure to grab customers' attention and leave them wanting to know more. Reach out today to get started with a free consult with our team!

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